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15 Best YouTube Analytics Tools & Software [2024 List]

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, YouTube is a major force in the world of online content. With billions of users and an ever-expanding video library, it’s a platform for creators and businesses to thrive. But success on YouTube depends on more than just uploading videos.

In this article guide, we’ll take a closer look at the 15 best YouTube analytics tools and software options for 2024. These tools are designed to help content creators and marketers measure video performance, grasp audience demographics, and track channel growth effectively.

What Are YouTube Analytics Tools?

YouTube analytics are powerful platforms designed to help content creators, businesses, and marketers gain a deeper understanding of their YouTube performance. 

Anaytics Tools for YouTube offer a wealth of features, including tracking video views, engagement metrics, audience demographics, and content trends. In 2024, the top tools are expected to provide more advanced AI-driven insights, helping users tailor their content strategies and optimize video performance. 

Features such as competitor analysis, keyword analysis, and real-time tracking of trending video content can empower users to stay ahead in the ever-competitive YouTube landscape with these tools on it, users can measure the effectiveness of their content, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately increase their YouTube presence and engagement.

What are the Advantages of using YouTube Analytics Software?

Using YouTube Analytics Tools in 2024 offers several advantages to content creators, businesses, and marketers. Some of these advantages include:

Deeper Insights

YouTube Analytics Tools provide comprehensive data on video performance, audience behaviour, and engagement. These insights help users understand what works and what needs improvement.

Content Optimization

With detailed data on video performance, users can optimize their content strategies. They can identify the most popular topics, formats, and posting schedules to maximize their reach and engagement.

Audience Understanding

These tools offer in-depth demographic and geographic information about the audience. Knowing the age, location, and interests of viewers helps tailor content to the target audience.

Competitor Analysis

Users can track the performance of competitors and identify trends and strategies that work in their niche, helping them stay competitive.

Keyword Research

YouTube Analytics Tools provide keyword insights to improve video discoverability. Creators can optimize video titles, descriptions, and tags to rank higher in search results.

Real-time Monitoring

Many tools offer real-time monitoring of video performance and engagement, allowing users to respond quickly to trends and audience interactions.

ROI Measurement

For businesses, these tools help track the return on investment from their video marketing efforts, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently.

Data-Driven Decisions

The insights provided by these tools enable data-driven decision-making. Whether it’s product development, marketing strategy, or advertising spend, decisions are based on evidence, not speculation.

Enhanced Marketing

Marketers can use YouTube Analytics to track the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, refine their targeting, and allocate budgets more efficiently.

Improved User Experience

By understanding user behavior and preferences, content creators can provide a more tailored and engaging experience for their audience.

Best YouTube Analytics Software In 2024



Brand24 is a powerful AI social listening tool that offers a comprehensive solution for YouTube analytics. It enables users to protect and enhance their brand reputation by providing real-time access to content mentioned in various online resources, including social media, news including news, blogs, videos, seminars, podcasts, reviews, and more

With features like sentiment analysis, hashtag tracking, and access to consumer insights, Brand24 equips YouTube content creators and marketers with valuable metrics and data to measure brand awareness, reach and understand audience sentiment. It also helps users stay informed about critical mentions and collaborate across their organization. 

Brand24 supports 108 languages and provides AI-driven sentiment analysis, making it an invaluable tool for monitoring and optimizing YouTube channel performance, all while offering excellent customer service and a user-friendly interface.

Top Features:

  • Comprehensive Social Listening: Brand24 tracks over 25 million online sources in real-time, including social media, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, reviews, and more.
  • Sentiment Analysis: The tool provides advanced sentiment analysis, allowing users to segment mentions into positive, negative, or neutral categories, helping content creators and marketers gauge audience sentiment.
  • Hashtag Tracking: Users can monitor various hashtags and measure their reach and volume, making it easier to evaluate the impact of hashtag campaigns.
  • Customer Insights: Brand24 provides access to honest consumer feedback and conversations about your YouTube channel, helping content creators understand audience preferences and make informed decisions.
  • Brand Awareness Metrics: The tool measures brand awareness and presence, allowing YouTube creators to evaluate their reach and engagement while filtering out noise.
  • Automated Reporting: Users can automate the reporting process, enabling them to share statistics and insights with their teams more efficiently.
  • Multi-Language Support: Brand24 supports 108 languages, making it a global solution for monitoring and analyzing YouTube performance.
  • Accessible Metrics: The tool provides powerful, reliable metrics, allowing users to measure reach, awareness, and other vital performance indicators.



TubeBuddy is an invaluable browser extension and mobile app designed to enhance YouTube analytics and channel management. It empowers YouTube content creators by offering features such as optimizing video topics, refining titles and tags for better searchability, and providing time-saving templates for faster video publishing. 

TubeBuddy also ensures adherence to YouTube’s Best Practices, promoting videos across the web and using existing content to drive traffic to new uploads. Additionally, it simplifies A/B testing to help creators improve their video thumbnails, ultimately aiding in YouTube success.

Top Features:

  • Video Topic Research: Find high-performing and searchable video topics.
  • SEO Optimization: Craft compelling titles and tags for better discoverability.
  • Time-Saving Tools: Templates and features to speed up the video publishing process.
  • Best Practices Guidance: Ensure your videos are set up for success following YouTube guidelines.
  • Video Promotion: Tools to promote videos and increase visibility.
  • A/B Testing: Simplified testing to enhance video thumbnails for better click-through rates and engagement.



Quintly is an advanced social media analytics platform that offers invaluable insights for YouTube analytics. It enables users to access high-quality data from various social media accounts and track performance across multiple profiles. 

With over 500 social media metrics and customizable dashboards, it provides the means to conduct meaningful analyses, optimizing social media management. Quintly also offers the ability to create and automate custom reports, ensuring data can be securely shared with teams or clients. 

The platform’s extensive and powerful API allows for data flexibility and integration with other analytics tools and data warehouses, ultimately enhancing performance marketing strategies.

Top Features:

  • Cross-Network KPIs: Measure performance across different social networks.
  • Custom Dashboards: Create personalized dashboards tailored to specific analysis needs.
  • Data Security: Maintain data integrity and security with API integrations.
  • Competitive Benchmarking: Stay ahead of competitors by benchmarking industry performance.
  • Ad Analytics: Compare paid social ads against organic content.
  • Influencer Marketing: Track influencer campaigns and measure ROI.
  • Advanced Data Analysis: Use data to optimize strategies and understand your audience.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Monitor engagement rates, hashtag tagging, and more.

Unbox Social 

Unbox social

Unbox Social is an AI-powered social media suite that offers valuable features for YouTube analytics.It acts as an all-in-one influencer marketing platform, enabling users to identify, analyze and track campaigns at scale.

Thanks to a smart search engine, it provides access to the best influencer database on both Instagram and YouTube, helping businesses choose the best suited influencers for their target audience and goals.The platform offers end-to-end funnel analysis, allowing users to measure audience engagement, reach, post interactions, and engagement rate metrics. 

Additionally, Unbox Social provides competition tracking capabilities and the ability to schedule and publish content on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, making it a versatile tool for comprehensive social media management.

Top Features:

  • Influencer Marketing: Discover, evaluate, and track campaigns with influencer profile data.
  • Competition Tracking: Measure competitors’ social media performance and gain actionable insights.
  • Social Media Analytics: Centrally analyze all social media profiles for informed marketing decisions.
  • Scheduling and Publishing: Schedule content across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with ease.
  • Real-time Calendar View: Easily manage and schedule content with a user-friendly calendar.



Vidooly is a comprehensive online video analytics software designed to assist online video publishers, advertisers, media companies, and agencies in optimizing their performance in the digital video landscape. 

This tool offers valuable insights into video content and audience demographics, including age, gender, location, affinity, and interests. Vidooly’s analysis covers millions of video content publishers across various platforms and genres, enabling advertisers to achieve a better return on investment (ROI). 

With features such as a leaderboard for tracking video publisher growth, brand intelligence for informed marketing decisions, influencer marketing solutions, and brand safety tools for successful campaigns, Vidooly equips users with the intelligence and data they need to excel in online video marketing.

Top Features:

  • Audience Insights: Gain a deep understanding of your audience’s demographics and interests.
  • Publisher Analysis: Analyze millions of video content publishers on different platforms and genres.
  • Unified Analytics: Achieve ROI through Vidooly’s unified online video analytics and measurement.
  • Leaderboard: Benchmark the growth of online video publishers across social platforms.
  • Brand Intelligence: Make informed marketing decisions with valuable intelligence.
  • Influencer Marketing Solutions: Utilize dynamic creator tracking to reach and target your audience effectively.
  • Brand Safety: Ensure successful and brand-safe video campaigns.
  • Creator Dashboard: Maximize organic video viewership with a dedicated dashboard.

Tubular Labs

Tubular Labs

Tubular Labs is a powerful tool for YouTube Analytics and social video intelligence. It offers a unified view of social video audiences’ interests and behaviors across platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

With the world’s largest database of social video insights, Tubular empowers businesses to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of social video. Its features include Social Video Listening, Influencer Identification, Content Strategy, Ad Sales & Brand Partnerships, and Consumer & Market Intel. 

Tubular provides real behavior data, unmatched scale, and impeccable organization, making it an invaluable resource for media companies, brands, agencies, and marketers looking to understand and leverage the dynamics of social video for optimal results.

Top Features:

  • Social Video Listening: Stay on top of brand mentions and spot potential PR crises by searching over 11 billion videos to monitor user-generated content related to your brand.
  • Influencer Identification: Identify key influencers in your industry and leverage their reach for marketing campaigns and partnerships.
  • Content Strategy: Develop an effective content strategy by analyzing audience behaviours, trends, and content performance to create engaging videos.
  • Ad Sales & Brand Partnerships: Optimize your ad sales and brand partnerships with data-driven insights, ensuring your campaigns reach the right audience.
  • Consumer & Market Intel: Gain valuable insights into consumer behaviours and market trends, helping you make informed decisions and stay competitive in the ever-changing social video landscape.


Channel Meter

ChannelMeter is a comprehensive Creator Management platform designed to simplify the discovery, onboarding, management, and payments for Creators in the ever-evolving creator-driven world. 

It offers an all-in-one suite for effectively managing Creator contracts, data, sales, and payments, streamlining audience verification, and providing valuable data and analytics. 

The platform is designed to maximize monetization, improve network reach, and enhance marketing efforts while minimizing administrative tasks, enabling creators, managers, and marketers to focus on growth and results. 

Top Features:

  • Monetization Dashboard: ChannelMeter offers a dashboard designed to simplify the monetization process for Creators, making it easier to track and manage earnings and revenue.
  • Creator Back Office: The platform serves as a centralized hub for managing creators, providing tools for onboarding, earning reports, and other essential creator-related tasks.
  • Onboarding and Contracts: Streamline the process of onboarding creators by simplifying audience verification, contract management, and payment onboarding.
  • Data and Analytics: ChannelMeter allows users to track and analyze data related to creators, channels, and videos, providing valuable insights even for creators not yet in collaboration.
  • Sales and Support: Improve relationships with creators through more effective deal closure, increased monetization, and direct creator support.
  • Simplified Payouts: Automate complex payment processes by basing them on real-time earnings, data, and predetermined terms.
  • Global Scale: ChannelMeter supports the creator-driven economy on a global scale, processing payments in various currencies and servicing creators from different countries.
  • Proven Success: With a track record of processing over $500 million in payments and serving more than 900,000 creators across 25+ countries, ChannelMeter has established itself as a trusted platform in the creator management space.



ViralStat is an all-in-one cross-platform social video analytics tool that enables users to track, analyze, and compare the performance of thousands of social channels and videos across Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. 

It offers valuable insights such as clear engagement metrics, competitor analysis, influencer discovery, and trending content ideas, making it a powerful solution for brands, media agencies, music labels, MCNs, and creators. 

With its focus on industry monitoring, competitive analytics, and content discovery, ViralStat is a useful tool for enhancing YouTube analytics and other social media strategies in 2024.

Top Features:

  • Cross-Platform Analytics: ViralStat offers comprehensive analytics for multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, allowing users to analyze performance across these channels.
  • Clear Engagement Metrics: Users can gain insights into what their target audience watches, likes, comments on, and interacts with on social media. This data helps in creating content that aligns with audience preferences and enhances brand exposure.
  • Competitor Analysis: ViralStat provides tools for identifying the best-performing content from industry leaders on major social platforms. This enables users to learn from successful strategies and avoid communication mistakes.
  • Influencer Discovery: For brands and creators, ViralStat helps identify influencers who are followed and trusted by their desired audience. This feature streamlines the process of finding and partnering with the right creators for collaborations.
  • Trending Content Ideas: The tool allows users to monitor social media trends closely and identify viral topics early. This feature is invaluable for producing videos that align with the latest trends, thereby reaching the target audience more effectively.
  • Social Media Monitoring: ViralStat offers monitoring capabilities that keep users updated on social media activity and trends. This helps users stay informed about changes and developments in their niche.
  • TikTok Analytics: As TikTok continues to grow in popularity, ViralStat provides in-depth analytics for this platform, helping users understand their TikTok performance and trends.
  • Email Alerts: Users can set up email alerts to receive notifications about important updates, trends, or specific metrics, ensuring they stay informed without needing to actively monitor the tool.



VidIQ is a powerful YouTube analytics tool that empowers video creators by providing valuable insights to boost their YouTube channels. It offers AI-driven features like personalized keyword, title, and description recommendations, enhancing the visibility and engagement of videos. 

The AI Coach, equipped with GPT-4, provides 24/7 assistance, and View Prediction forecasts video performance. Creators can save time on research and get inspired for their next big hit. VidIQ’s innovative technology, combined with human creativity, makes it an essential tool to grow YouTube channels. 

It’s an intelligent and efficient solution for content creators seeking to optimize their video strategies in 2024.

Top Features:

  • AI Coach: Offers personalized insights and suggestions for video optimization.
  • Daily Ideas: Provides inspiration and prompts for video content.
  • View Prediction: Forecasts video performance to help creators focus their efforts.
  • Keyword and Title Recommendations: Enhances discoverability and SEO.
  • Description Recommendations: Improves video descriptions for better search results.
  • Trending Videos: Keeps creators informed about industry trends.
  • Analytics: Monitors video performance and channel growth.
  • 24/7 Assistance: The AI Coach is available around the clock to assist creators.



Unmetric is a robust social media analytics tool that provides comprehensive insights for YouTube and other social platforms, making it invaluable for YouTube Analytics. By analyzing competitor strategies, measuring owned efforts, and offering historical data dating back to 2012, it helps creators understand the social landscape better. 

Unmetric’s AI and human-powered analysis, flexible pricing, and API access make it a versatile choice for optimizing social media strategies. Its competitive intelligence, reporting, and industry benchmarking features ensure that YouTube content creators can stay ahead and create more engaging content based on data-driven insights.

Top Features:

  • Earned Media Value: Calculate the dollar value earned from social posts.
  • Promoted Post Detection: Identify sponsored content from competitors.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Assess competitor strategies and performance.
  • Automated Reporting: Streamline reporting with professionally formatted reports.
  • Historical Data: Access years of historical data for over 100,000 brands.
  • Facebook & Instagram Insights: Integrate your own Insights data for comprehensive analysis.



Tubics is a comprehensive YouTube SEO software and agency solution that empowers businesses to optimize their YouTube channel effectively. It offers actionable insights, expert agency services, and user-friendly software tools. 

With a focus on YouTube growth, Tubics helps brands create compelling content, drive views, and enhance their video marketing strategies. It combines YouTube agency services with data-driven, AI-powered software, ensuring that brands can grow their presence on YouTube, reach their target audience, and harness the power of video content for effective digital communication. 

Some top features include YouTube SEO audit, data-driven video ideas, and YouTube marketing guidance. In 2024, Tubics is poised to be a valuable tool for YouTube creators aiming to maximize their video content’s impact and reach.

Top Features:

  • YouTube SEO Audit: Tubics provides a comprehensive audit of your YouTube channel and videos, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in your YouTube presence.
  • Data-Driven Video Ideas: The tool suggests data-backed video ideas to help creators produce content that resonates with their target audience.
  • YouTube Marketing Guidance: Tubics offers expert guidance on YouTube marketing strategies, helping brands and creators drive more views, enhance watch time, and establish themselves as industry leaders.
  • Certified YouTube Experts: Access to certified YouTube experts who can provide valuable insights and recommendations to improve your YouTube channel’s performance.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Tubics utilizes AI-powered solutions to help create compelling video content, increase views, and monitor your channel’s performance over time.
  • Industry Benchmarking: Compare your channel’s performance with industry benchmarks to gain a competitive edge and enhance your video marketing strategies.



Canva is a versatile design tool that offers a wide range of features to enhance YouTube analytics and content creation. It’s highly useful for YouTube creators by enabling them to create eye-catching thumbnails, channel banners, and video graphics. 

Canva simplifies the design process with its user-friendly interface and extensive library of templates, fonts, and graphics. YouTube creators can use Canva to produce visually appealing assets that can improve their video click-through rates and overall channel aesthetics. 

Canva’s collaborative features also facilitate team collaboration on design projects, making it a valuable asset for YouTubers looking to enhance their video presentation and brand visuals.

Top Features:

  • User-Friendly Design Tools: Canva provides an easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop functionality, making it accessible for users with varying design experience.
  • Templates: Access a vast library of professionally designed templates for YouTube thumbnails, channel art, video graphics, and more.
  • Customization: Tailor templates to your brand with custom colors, fonts, and images.
  • Design Elements: Choose from an extensive collection of graphics, illustrations, icons, and stock photos to enhance your designs.
  • Text Tools: Add and style text in your designs with various fonts, sizes, and formatting options.
  • Collaboration: Invite team members or collaborators to work on designs in real-time, making it ideal for channel branding and video graphics.
  • Brand Kit: Store and access your brand assets (colors, logos, and fonts) to maintain a consistent brand identity across your YouTube channel.
  • Presentation Mode: Create dynamic slideshows and presentations for video content.



Brandwatch is a comprehensive social suite designed to help brands understand and engage with their customers in the dynamic realm of social media. 

It offers a range of features that can be valuable for YouTube analytics, including the ability to access a vast archive of consumer opinions, utilize AI for trend discovery, manage social media channels and workflows collaboratively, and monitor brand-related threats across numerous sources in real-time. 

By providing valuable insights and tools for effective community management and customer support, Brandwatch enhances audience engagement, ultimately leading to improved social strategies and measurable results for YouTube creators.

Top Features:

  • Trend Discovery: Access the world’s largest archive of consumer opinions and leverage AI to discover new trends and insights before others.
  • Collaborative Content Management: Manage channels, teams, workflows, and campaigns, ensuring brand alignment and maintaining content quality through a collaborative content calendar.
  • Real-time Threat Monitoring: Monitor emerging threats across 100 million sources and set up real-time alerts for swift responses to potential issues.
  • All-in-One Social Inbox: Streamline community management and customer support by engaging with customers and prospects through a unified social inbox for all social networks.
  • Customized Data Insights: Tailor data analysis to your specific needs by customizing the data you’re looking for and refining your target audiences.
  • Industry Recognition: Brandwatch is a trusted enterprise solution consistently recognized as a leader by industry analysts and customers.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a comprehensive social media management platform that provides YouTube content creators and marketers with a powerful solution for analyzing, managing, and optimizing their social media presence. 

It enables users to extract real business value, strengthen their market position, and drive revenue quickly. The platform offers robust analytics for various social media platforms, including YouTube, helping users prove the ROI of their social efforts. 

It allows for tailored reporting, easy data sharing, and integration with key stakeholders, making it an invaluable tool for enhancing YouTube analytics and improving content strategies in 2024.

Top Features:

  • Unified Social Media Management: Manage multiple social media channels, including YouTube, from a single platform.
  • Advanced Analytics: Access comprehensive analytics for YouTube, helping measure performance and track key metrics.
  • AI and Machine Learning: Leverage advanced AI and ML technology to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.
  • Custom Reporting: Create tailored reports that align with specific business needs.
  • Social Network Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with leading social media platforms, including YouTube, to streamline workflows and data management.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration: Foster collaboration across teams, enabling coordinated efforts to enhance YouTube presence.



InVideo is a versatile video creation tool that empowers YouTube content creators to efficiently generate and customize videos for enhanced YouTube analytics and engagement. With AI co-pilot, users can input their ideas, and InVideo AI generates scripts, scenes, voiceovers, and allows for real-time text-based adjustments. 

The tool provides complete editing control and access to a vast library of stock media, enabling creators to optimize their video content for YouTube. InVideo simplifies the video creation process, making it a valuable asset for YouTube analytics, content strategy, and audience engagement in 2024.

Top Features:

  • AI-Driven Video Creation: InVideo AI streamlines video production with script generation, scene creation, voiceovers, and easy customization.
  • Real-time Text Commands: Users can make instant video adjustments using simple text commands, enhancing video editing efficiency.
  • Extensive Stock Media: Access a library of over 16 million stock media items, all made discoverable with AI.
  • Intuitive Video Editor: Edit video content, text, and transitions with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Human-Sounding Voice Overs: Enhance videos with realistic voiceovers to bring content to life.
  • Multiplayer Editing: Collaborate in real-time with others for efficient video creation.


YouTube Analytics Tools & Software for 2024 are essential for content creators and businesses to thrive on the platform. They offer valuable insights, audience understanding, and data-driven decision-making. 

By using these tools, users can optimize their content, engage with their audience, and stay competitive. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, these analytics tools provide the necessary edge to succeed on YouTube

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